We are a social group that meets monthly for a dinner at the home of a member. All ages and hearing levels and communication skills are welcome. After dinner, we enjoy board games, a little poker and a lot of chatter!  This group brings a sense of belonging in social settings again. Something lost for many of us when we lost hearing. We have been there and know the unease and discomfort social situations bring. We do all we can to make newcomers feel at ease.

ALOHA Gathering

ALOHA Fourth of July gathering 2011.

ALOHA Gathering

White Elephant exchange at ALOHA Christmas gathering 2011.



Good Friends, Great Food

Aloha is a sub-group of HLAA made up of Deaf and Hard of Hearing who enjoy getting together.

*** I suggest you come to a dinner to get some quotes from people who have found us and what it means to them. We are a wide variety of professions and ages. All equal with our hearing.

Leslie Cotter

For more information regarding ALOHA, contact Chris Lano at