HLAA-TC YouTube Page

In Spring 2023 we started to record our monthly chapter meeting presentations.
To visit the HLAA-TC YouTube page Click Here.

Spring 2023 Presentations
  • March 2023 Presentation on Music and Hearing Loss by Jonathan Taylor (a former professional musician and current Vice President of HLAA- New York City Chapter.
  • April 2023 Presentation and Q and A with Shari Eberts on “Living Skillfully with Hearing Loss.”
  • May 2023 wasn’t recorded as it was a discussion between members about tips on living with hearing loss and there was no presenter.
Fall 2023 Presentations
  • We are now offering HYBRID chapter meetings (attend either in person or via Zoom). Learn More About HYBRID MEETINGS in this fun video: https://youtu.be/oroDNh3OgnE?si=RRmWdS8Y28iNy0Ia
  • September 2023 presentation with Minnesota Department of Human Services- Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services (DHHSD) wasn’t recorded
  • October 2023 presentation by Jim Curran (retired audiologist) on “The History of Hearing Aids” was just uploaded (we had recording difficulties, so there was a delay in putting the video up).
  • November 2023 presentation by Dr. Susan Arquette, PhD and Tobias Wilde, MSW, LICSW from DHHSD on “mental health and hearing loss.”
  • December 2023 wasn’t recorded because it’s a HYBRID HOLIDAY PARTY and no presentation.


Spring 2024 Presentations
  • January 2024 and February 2024 meetings weren’t recorded.
  • March 2024 meeting was canceled and that same content will happen April 2024.
  • April 2024 will be placed on our YouTube.


2024 Twin Cities Walk4Hearing
  • To Find Out More About the Twin Cities Walk4Hearing on June 2, 2024, watch this video: