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Tinnitus –

Clear Speech by Patricia B. Kricos, Ph.D.

Communication is a Two Way Street: Better Communication Habits, A Guide for Family and Friends

Have a Hearing Loss, In the Hospital? By Kathi Mestayer (An article published at the Hearing Health Foundation)


(The following are videos from other organizations, for video recordings of HLAA-TC Chapter Meetings, go to our Video page.)

Quick Facts about Age-Related Hearing Loss (2:00): Public Service Announcement

Low and No Cost Solutions (2:00): Public Service Announcement

Encouraging Treatment (1:30): Public Service Announcement

Age-Related Hearing Loss: A Growing Public Health Issue (7:48)

Tools for Living Successfully with Hearing Loss (6:37)

Hearing Loss Matters, A Mini-documentary (26:46)

The links provided are to files with closed captioning. The videos are also available with audio-description and open captions at the MNCDHH YouTube page (click the link).

Please note that there is unique footage in the different products – the shorter ones are not simply excerpts of the mini-documentary.


We have compiled a list of links that might be of help to you in understanding hearing loss and searching out new technologies to help hard of hearing people. Links with an (MN) designation are Minnesota only. – HLAA (Hearing Loss Association of America) – National Headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland. – Guide for Effective Communication in Health Care – Commission of Deaf, DeafBlind, & Hard of Hearing Minnesotans. – Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services – a division in the Minnesota Department of Human Services (MN).

TED Program from MN DHHSD- Telephone Equipment Distribution Program. The TED Program provides telephone equipment to people who are deaf, hard of hearing, deaf/blind, speech impaired or have a physical disability and need adaptive equipment in order to use the phone. – Alexander Graham Bell Association – American Tinnitus Association (ATA) – American Hearing Research Foundation on Meniere’s Disease – Diglo  (Formerly Harris Communications) Assistive Listening Products – Vestibular Disorder Association (VEDA)(dizziness and balance issues) – American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) – Job Accommodation Network  – Join and follow the Hearing Loss Group. Mayo Clinic Connect is an online forum where you can share your experiences and find support from people like you.

Research Information

Performance analysis of ten brands of batteries for hearing aids.

Hearing Loss and Sleep

MN DHS Hearing Aid Resources (a list of resources)

American Sign Language (ASL) Resources. Sites for Inclusion for Students

Online College Guide For Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students

Your Rights Under the ADA

Document by the Minnesota Council on Disability about “Your Rights Under the ADA”

Organizations Helping with Accessibility (Minnesota)

Minnesota Access Alliance– Organization for Accessibility in the Arts. Offers a frequently updated calendar of local Twin Cities accessible events; Minnesota Accessible Activities Calendar-

MN Access Press– Organization for Access in the local Minnesota Press:

Social Groups for Hearing Loss (Minnesota)

Minnesota Adult Cochlear Implant Social Group: This group was started in 2011 by speech-language pathologist and aural rehabilitation specialist, Sara Oberg, in order to connect individuals who have cochlear implants and their friends, family members, spouses, partners, etc. This group meets on a monthly basis, typically on Sunday afternoons! The location varies throughout the metro area. We welcome new members! If you or someone you know is interested in joining this group and receiving emails about our monthly meetings please email your name and email address to Sara Oberg, B.M., M.A., CCC- SLP:
HLAA-TC Virtual Book Club: A monthly book club  associated with HLAA-TC that meets monthly (year round) on Zoom (with computer/AI-generated captions). They alternate reading fiction and nonfiction books that are usually about deafness, hearing loss, or disability. Authors of the books are frequent guests. Everyone is welcome to participate (there are frequent participants from across the country). To find out more visit the book club page or contact Laura Hagemann

Presentation Handouts

From Sara Oberg’s Presentation: A pdf file containing links to websites to practice your listening skills and a list of iPad apps to practice your skills. Click here for the pdf.

Clear Speech from a presentation by Mary Bauer: Synopsis of a presentation by Mary Bauer. Click here for the pdf.

“Hearing Handle With Care 2022 Conference: For a list of resources and handouts from the “Hearing Handle With Care-“-2022 Conference, visit the conference page

COVID-19 Information for the Hearing Loss Community